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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

More ramblings...

Day off... I should be cleaning house, but it's unbearably hot and that makes me unmotivated... I just want to sit here under the fan and stay cool!  

Almost everything is growing now.  It would be easier to name the little bastards that AREN'T growing than to name the ones that are, but I don't want to dwell on them!  If they don't grow this year, they're GONE!  I've explained that to them, so they better shape up or they're shippin' out!  LOL!

One that is growing nicely is sp. India, which I got from Marco last year.  It's so pretty - it reminds me of carnosa ssp. carnosa, except the leaves are such a pretty deep green (whereas CC has lime green leaves).  Here's a photo:
It has lots of new growth points.  I have a feeling this one is going to turn into a real big beauty!  It hangs in the dining room getting mostly bright reflected light off the house next door...

UT-039 is budding up for the first time!  I'm really excited to see them open.  Here's what they look like from behind:
 I didn't want to mess with turning them while they're developing - I don't want to give them ANY excuse to abort!  The leaves are pretty but not exactly spectacular on this one:
It's a relatively thin-leaved species... at least so far.  

I went out to the back deck to do a little grooming of my Crown of Thorns and Jades.  I have lots of my Haworthias growing in with my large plants.  They seem to thrive growing in with other plants.  I never seem to have trouble with root loss when they're growing in with others, I think because it probably mimics their habitat.  Here are some photos:
These little gems are Haworthia cooperii, a hybrid I'm sure.  I've lost all my tags and my database, so I can only go by my photo site now, and I have/had a couple different hybrids of this. It's one of the "window-pane" Haworthias, and this one is growing in with one of my many Jade sports.  You can't see it unless you look REALLY close, but it looks like there is some fine grass on the soil... That's actually little seedlings of Schizobasis intricata, a South African bulb that grows like a Climbing Onion (Boweia) but is much more interesting.  It flowers, sets seeds and they end up EVERYWHERE.  I can not grow from seed if I try, but these things apparently need NO encouragement!  LOL.  I'll need to pick them out as they grow and find homes for them...

These are some variegated Haworthia cymbiformis growing in with an Aloe:
That's my old Gold Tooth Aloe (nobilis).  I'm hoping it will do some pupping this year.  

And another shot:
These are in with my oldest/biggest Jade.  Those are green cymbiformis on the right and far left/back and a truncata cv. 'Lime Green' there on the edge.   And another:
You can see a lot more of those little Schizobasis babies in this one, too...  Those toothy looking Haworthias are herbacea.  Additionally, there's a little Crown of Thorn seedling in there, just looks like a little red spot over close to the plant label on the right.  I have several of those that have come up in pots as well.  I can't even tell when my Crown of Thorns set seed!


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