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Sunday, July 15, 2018

There is something very wrong in our country...

I had GMA on this morning and they were talking about the CEO (?) of Papa Johns  who used the "N" word, and now all the sponsors are pulling ads, he's been run off the board of the company (in spite of being 51% shareholder).  Mind you, he didn't used the word in a public forum, but during a marketing meeting.  Are we really getting so crazy-sensitive that we can't just turn around and say, "Well, that was certainly uncalled for!" or "You're an asshole for using that word!"  No, someone has to go on a rampage and ruin an entire company who employs a lot of people.  Not only that, but it's a BIG company whose stock is probably going to shit over this, which means many in the stock market will suffer losses.  No, no one has all their eggs in one basket, but why would there be such a fuss over ONE FUCKING WORD?  Yes, I hate the word.  I don't want to hear it.  But I won't fall apart if I hear it.  

People say things they regret... it happens.  Every single one of us has done it.  I remember when I was a kid, it wasn't uncommon for one kid to say to another, "What, are you a retard?"  Well, once in a blue moon, I'll see someone do something really stupid and I'll catch myself saying that and grimace as it comes out of my mouth.  Why?  Because it's now socially unacceptable to say it.  One might say it should have ALWAYS been socially unacceptable to use a word or phrase, and that's probably true, but you don't bring down companies or send someone off to shame prison because they slipped up and said something stupid or inappropriate.  

Our country has gone mad.  That is the only explanation for all this weirdness that's going on now.  We have to weigh every word we say.  Men have to be careful not to offend a woman in any way, shape or form (because, I guess, we're so fragile).  If a cop tries to defend himself or get control of a situation, they scream "police brutality" and all these videos show up - videos that, by the way, didn't start until AFTER whatever instigated the officer's reaction...  But we leap to judge that HE was out of place.  Yes, even cops fuck up and do the the wrong thing - they're human, too.  We make mistakes.  We say or do things we shouldn't say or do.  There is only ONE mistake that can never be remedied, and that's DEATH.  All other mistakes can be fixed.  And in the case of inappropriate language or words, can't we just be momentarily appalled and then MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES? 

Can we please stop being a whiny, over-sensitive country?  It's embarrassing!


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