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Monday, September 17, 2018

More about plants

Hoya fuscomarginata is one that is difficult to get to put on new leaves.  Kind of like meliflua used to be fore me, it shoots out long vines then promptly drops the leaf buds as they come on.  So I was constantly whacking back leafless vines.  This summer, it finally put on a couple new leaves, which are just beautiful:
Big, shiny, a few nice silver splotches...makes the old leaves look rather tired.  But maybe this is a signal to the end of the leaf bud dropping.  I hope so!  Meliflua quit doing it after I put it outside last summer.  Left it in this summer and it put out all kinds of new growth with no leaf bud drop...

This year, I'm growing australis ssp tenuipes on the bottom shelf of the shelf that has a trellis attached to it in hopes it will start to grow up the trellis.  If it does, I'll probably have to put a sheer curtain in front of it next summer to keep the leaves from burning, but I think it will be worth it.  It could look pretty spectacular that way!  Here's a shot of it from above:
I'd sure like to see it bloom again - it's been a few years, since before I whacked it back.  It's large enough and got enough sun this season, I would think it should set buds.  It seems to go into bud in October or so, so it could still happen, I guess.

Hoya pubera (formerly picta... not sure why they changed the name because pubera, to me, implies hairy but this one is NOT...) has done very well.  It looked a little "iffy" in early spring, but then took off and grew well and is looking fabulous:
 Those itty-bitty leaves are fantastically succulent.  It's a little sweetheart!  But now it's time for it to bloom!

H. pubicalyx 'Pink Silver' continues to grow like a weed, yet it didn't bloom this summer.  I seem to recall that very early in the spring, one peduncle did bud up and open, but then nothing the rest of the summer.  It's just not fair...  It's been a long time since PS has bloomed for me and I think I'm way past due!

This next one is H. subquintuplinervus from Gardino's.  I also have one I got from Ted Green many years ago and they are very different.  The one I got from Ted looks more like pottsii - wider leaves, more succulent.  Here is the Gardino's clone:
 I moved it up to a bigger pot a few weeks ago, so I'm betting once it's settled in, it will really grow!  Though I have to admit, it WAS a good year for this one!

And I wanted to mention the rooting cuttings in my humidity dome:
From lower left clockwise, Hoya tsangii, 2 in the 2nd pot... weebella and a Kalanchoe (from Claude), glabra (the big leaved one... yay!), pub Black Dragon and hueschkeliana.  All but the two from Claude are from Kathy in Colorado and all the but Black Dragon are replacing some I've lost in the last year or two.  Now that my hip is going to be better, I should have no excuse for losing more!

More later! 


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