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I like to ramble on about my plants... and other things! My hope is to log the progress of plants and talk about my frustrations with others. So, tune in, turn on, or drop out (if you find it boring!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I was just listening to The Scorpion's song, "Still Loving You", which always propels me back to 1983...  But wait!  I just read that "Still Loving You" came out on their 1984 Album, Love at First Sting, released in March of that year.  Video came out in July.  Hmmm.  Maybe it was early 1984...

Anyway, here's the memory.  Me...25 years old... Paul (my ex) and I were on Guam.  I worked as a secretary in a small business that imported building materials.  The business was across the street from a body shop, where there was this very nice Guamanian guy named Louie, who made it a point to be outside every morning when I arrived to work.  He would always say "hi" and sometimes chit-chat a bit.  His English was rather broken, but he was understandable.  It became obvious he had a crush on me - he wasn't pushy at all, mind you, always polite and sweet and a little melancholy.  He was (or at least looked) a lot older than me... maybe in his late 30's or early 40's).   I never exactly encouraged him, but it was flattering to have someone fawning over me. 

Anyway, when we came to Guam, we'd shipped my little Toyota Corona there.  By the time it was getting time for us to come back stateside (about 2 years later), it had developed some pretty serious rust.  (The salty sea air, I guess...)  I had talked to Louie about fixing the rust and painting it (my "Yo" was my first car and I loved that little P.O.S.) and he gave me a price.  He said he could work on it every day while I was at work and I could take it home every evening.  I told him, "Great!  That'll work!  I'll bring my lunch to work every day and we'll get this done."  (I lived close to work and typically went home for lunch every day...)  Louie said, "Oh no, that's ok.  I'll let you drive my truck home for lunch every day."  I told him that wasn't necessary at all, but he absolutely insisted.

Every day I would take his truck, he would always go to the truck and open the door, put the keys in the ignition and let me get in and shut the door behind me.  What a gentleman!  One day after I got in, he said, "Oh, here, I have a tape I think you'll like," and he reached across me and put it in the cassette deck.  "Tell me what you think."

 I started home and turned up the music.  He had it cued up to start "Still Loving You."  I'd never heard the song before and I fell in love with it then and there, but I also got Louie's message loud and clear.  I never said a word to him except to answer, "Great music!" when he asked what I thought. 

When we were preparing to leave Guam, Louie insisted on giving me his address and wanted me to write.  Well, back in the day, writing letters was  IT, and I was good at it and I said I would.  I did, a few times, but he only responded once, which is about what I expected.  I will always remember Louie and wonder if he's still around and how he is. 

Memories - aren't they fun?