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I like to ramble on about my plants... and other things! My hope is to log the progress of plants and talk about my frustrations with others. So, tune in, turn on, or drop out (if you find it boring!)

Monday, January 04, 2016

"Are we saying that you could reach what you consider to be a prime human physical condition and that you could maintain it for as long as you remain physically focused in this body? The answer is, absolutely yes. And it doesn't mean reach your prime and then jump off a cliff the same day, either. It means, reach your prime and bask in the deliciousness of that. Now, why is other than that the more consistent experience? Because most everybody is looking around and vibrating in response to what they are seeing. So, what is the solution? Look around less. Imagine more. Look around less. Imagine more. Until your imagery is the most familiar vibration that you have."

I need to work on doing this.  Watch less TV - they're constantly telling us we're too fat, terrorism is all around us, evil is in our midst, beware of this or that, and here are drugs you can take for your problems, but by-the-way, here are all the possible side effects...  So much negativity, we can't help but be drawn into it and become part of it.  The TV I watch the most broke a few days ago - I went to turn it and it fell, damaging the screen.  So I ordered another one right then on Amazon, and as it turns out, it won't be here for a few more days... It may have been a blessing in disguise!  I haven't watched the news for several mornings in a row and my hip is feeling better than it has in months.  Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but then again, maybe not!!

Ok, I have to highlight something here, just for future reference.   I had a hell of a time finding the page that allows me to create new posts here.  I guess I have to be signed in to my google account to get to it, so in case I get signed out again somehow, it's  I've got two of them apparently...

So... got a new computer and have been getting everything transferred over.  But as it turns out, Incredimail isn't compatible with the new Windows 10 and I've downloaded a new mail program.  It's a real pain in the butt!  I've lost a lot of e-mails because of this.  Today, I need to hook my old computer back up and see if there's anything I need to save, and collect some e-mail addresses.  I had downloaded Incredimail and gotten all the e-mail addresses back in (because you can't export your contact list from Incredimail - stupid!!) and then it crashed.  So had to start over!  GRRRR

We had an impromptu snowstorm on Christmas eve eve - I guess there was no indication we would get more than a dusting and we ended up with 7"!  So this is a view of my star magnolia after the storm on Christmas eve...

 Looks like an old B&W photo, doesn't it?  Kind of cool...  It was like the demolition derby out on 42nd Street.  I watched from my GH as people slid down the big hill.  A bus got hit by a car.  The car backed up and I think he was waiting to see if a cop came, but for whatever reason, he stuck around and next thing I knew, an SUV came down and hit him into the bus again!  They exchanged info and off the SUV went, and then it happened again...a truck hit the car into the bus.  Believe it or not, it happened 3 times while I was watching!  And there was more entertainment - cars trying to go up the hill were inching along with their tires just a spinning along like crazy!  There was one little car that had a bit of momentum and disappeared behind the house next to me and a moment later, reappeared sliding back down the hill sideways!  It was crazy-slick!!

A couple weeks ago, Mom got a poem in the mail.  It came with no return address, and the postmark couldn't be read because of the weird way it posted.  It's obvious it's about Wes, so I suspect it might have even been composed by
whoever sent it, but I'm not sure of that.  At the bottom, it says "For Wes, May 1, 2014."  And then a space and just an "F".  This is a real mystery...  I put it on a nice background, and here it is:
Of course,  we have wracked our brains trying to figure out who sent it.  And what does the date mean?  The date they finished the poem?  It was the day after his birthday (April 30th), the year following his death.  And why wait a year and a half to send it to Mom?  Oh, and another little twist... It was sent to work, using her maiden name instead of her current last name.  She uses her maiden name on FB, so it almost has to be a FB friend and someone not close enough to her to know her home address or her last name.  Yet who would know so much about Wes without knowing those two facts?   Or was that just done to throw us off?  It's a real stumper!!

Well, I need to get moving.  More later!