Succulent Ramblings

I like to ramble on about my plants... and other things! My hope is to log the progress of plants and talk about my frustrations with others. So, tune in, turn on, or drop out (if you find it boring!)

Monday, February 20, 2006

I haven't been very good about posting regularly. Ah, but there hasn't been much to report of late. We went into a cold funk around the first of February and it's been up and down temp-wise ever since. More down than up, I might add! It was bitterly cold at the end of last week and through the weekend. We had nothing going on at work, so it felt good just to stay in and out of it. When those wind chills get down below zero, it's best just to stay in and putter in the greenhouse...

I finally used the gift certificate Wes sent me from "Worm's Way." At our C&S club meeting this month, Tom (our pres.) talked about, among other things, the value of worm castings mixed in with soil. I decided to get a bag of Soil Builder, which has worm castings. I've plopped a pile on top of the soil of a few of my Hoyas so far, just to see if we can't get them a boost towards spring.

I've got three people I'm going to be sending boxes of plants to as soon as it warms up - Yale, a lady from Plant Traders, and a lady I met on GW. At the moment, I've got about 15 that I'll be sending off to them, and I hope to add quite a few more to the list before they go out. I want to really "clean house" of all the plants that look very so-so through winter this year. I want the rest of my winters to be filled with plants that look amazing and don't give me that feeling of "well, you look like crap now, but just wait until spring!" Winter is blah enough without such thoughts! I plan to put some of my more interesting and valuable Euphorbias in our club auction next fall. By then, they'll look very desirable.

More later!