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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Lots to report!

I'm blown away at all that is growing!  So much to report - more than I can report in one sitting, for sure!  So let's get started...

Hoya cv. Rebecca, which is my "$200 Hoya" - the sole-survivor of the 2012 Thai debacle... I've recently learned that this is more likely the same thing as 'Sunrise'.  I have doubts, though.  The leaves pickup no red tones, and now that it's finally flowering, I don't think it IS the same.  Here's the teeny-tiny flowers, which make lacunosa's look massive!
These flowers are so tiny that I could not even see that they aren't all open with my naked eye.  Only when I saw the flower on the computer could I tell most of them are not open!  Yet the fragrance is heavenly!

I've had lucardensiana for two years and it's finally looking fabulous and putting on some growth.  It even started to bud up a month or two ago, but it dropped the buds before they were too far along.  At least I know flowers are in the future!
It's always hard to judge leaf-size in photos, but these leaves are about the size of a silver dollar.  It's a sweet little plant!  When it's all grown up and full, I'm betting it will be fabulously beautiful.

I got sp. 97003 from Kathy and within 2 weeks it bloomed!  Not only that, but it had new growth on it.  What an outstanding species this is...
Gonna be one of those giant-leaved species.  And speaking of giant leaves, I repotted my macrophylla that was growing in the bedroom.  It's been kind of quiet with new growth for a couple years - a leaf here, a leaf there.  Wow, that did the trick!  It's growing like MAD!!...
And check out the one that's been in the GH.  This one was an accidental cutting about 18 months ago.  My oldest/largest one grows in the sunroom.  It's so massive and gets those dinner-plate sized leaves that are SO heavy.  Well, I took it down to take it to the kitchen because the leaves all needed a good cleaning.  In the process, a stem with the larges leaves BROKE!  OMG, I was SO upset.  Even the mere thought of losing those gargantuan leaves made me want to cry.  I got out a big clay pot and managed to get them situated so that there was some stem under the soil.  I think I may have even cut it in a couple places to maximize the chance it would root.  And it did (WHEW!), and it grew some last year - threw out one stem that went up and up, but didn't put on too many leaves.  I cut that stem off this year, first because it looked bar with just a couple leaves, and second to root one to sell, and third to stimulate the plant to grow.  And it was worth it!  I've already sold the cutting, and it's now growing:
And the one in the sunroom is now moved to the north side of the room, and it's growing as well, though not as much:

I got UT-039 from Carol a little over a year ago.  It's taking off like a rocket this year!!...
I'm really, really liking these new leaves.  They aren't succulent, though it appears they do gain some succulence as they age.  I suspect it will bloom soon...

Michelle is one of the three EXPENSIVE hybrids I just got from Carol.  When they arrived, the P.O. box was crushed to crap.  I mean BAD.  The last time I got one like that, I don't think anything survived.  They all looked pretty rough, but two have recovered, and Michelle is one of them.  No signs of new growth yet, but she's fairly plump and rooted:
Chouke is one I got from Gardino's this spring.  I wasn't sure how it was going to do - some of it looked a little rough, and I cut it off.  The rest of the plant is doing well now and it's got some new growth:
Chouke and Mathilde are two hybrids of carnosa & serpens, different seedlings.  

I also got two different glabras from Carol this year.  One has larger, thinner leaves and this one has shorter, thicker leaves.  It's IML 1335:
Of course, you KNOW how much I like these leaves!  Let's see - heart shaped... one of my favs, succulent... love, love, LOVE succulent leaves... BIGGISH leaves...the bigger the better!  And they're textured to boot!  Awesome!

MPR02 (what a stupid name for a plant) is one I got from Joni last year.  It's finally growing now:
 Seems like quite a delicate Hoya, but the leaves do seem to harden up as they age.  I found some scale on it, so I treated it after picking them all off...

And one more today... Philippean Black, one I got from Jan.  I cut it in two and rooted it.  Both pieces are getting new growth and it looks like it's going to be a typical pubicalyx - fast growing!
I know - it looks a lot like 'Pink Silver'... but the flecking has a pink tinge to it.  It could be that it came from Florida and it may fade to silver, but maybe that's a characteristic of 'Black'...

Off to get ready for work!